Mit ‘Al Ittihad’ getaggte Beiträge

Didier Ya Konan…wer kennt ihn in Hannover nicht? Bis letzte Saison noch Stürmer unserer 96er, Symathieträger, Nationalspieler der Elfenbeinküste. Einsatzwille, Kampf- und Laufbereitschaft sowie tolle Tore zeichnen ihn aus und dabei schoss er in 125 Bundesligaspielen 39 Tore. Diesen Sommer wechselte er ablösefrei nach Saudi Arabien zum Spitzenclub Al-Ittihad. Um so glücklicher war ich, als ich eine Interviewzusage von Didier bekam.

Dear Mr. Konan, how do you feel in Saudi Arabia?

I feel really Good by the Grace of GOD

How is the football there?

The football here in Saudi is getting better and better even if it s not a Top League like Germany or England.

Who is the best striker you played with in your career?

Naturally Drogba

A lot of fans in Hannover miss you. We believe you had a good time here. Do you miss Hannover and the german league sometimes?

Yes of course i miss sometimes Hannover with the great fans and the Bundesliga also i have to say that i had the greatest moments in Germany in my career !! So i hope that one day i ll go back there !!

How is your new club?

My new club Al-Ittihad is the best club here in Saudi Arabia with the greatest Fans in Saudi with a nice new Stadium around 60.000 places. It s amazing here in Jeddah.

What will you do after your career…something with soccer?

by the Grace of GOD i ll always stay in the football. At the Moment i have a football Center Formation and a 3rd Division club in my Country.

Many thanks Mr. Konan, it was a pleasure for me.

Thank u and i wish all the best for hannover96 in this Season !!


Übrigens…Didier schoss heute das 1:0 beim 2:1 Sieg seines Clubs